our outreach initiatives

Increase Visibility in the Neighborhood


Brochure displays in pediatrician offices, daycares, and schools; flyers at local libraries and community centers; and public service announcements in local magazines and news outlets can help increase awareness for our organization, connecting families with our C.I.T.Y. of Support.

"Welcome to our C.I.T.Y." Gifts


Gift bags containing our information, personal welcome letters, and small tokens of support have been distributed at 3 local hospitals to newborns being discharged with therapy referrals as part of a pilot program. We hope to provide these new families with immediate acceptance into a community who may best understand their needs.  And, with continued interest, volunteers, and funding, we would love to expand this program to other regions of our city.

Special Collections at Local Libraries


The acquisition of a special collection at local libraries that includes therapeutic books, materials, tools, and equipment will help increase access to meaningful resources at no cost to families within their community.