D.I.Y. in the C.I.T.Y. Card Kits



The work and planning has been done for you, and all that's left is the fun! 

You'll be sent all the materials and instructions on how to construct a Pinterest-worthy card with your child.  (All you'll need is glue and scissors.)

Choose from one of our holiday designs while supplies last.

Not only do these kits make beautiful, thoughtful, handmade gifts, they are an activity you can do together that also encourages developmental skills 

such as fine motor control, following directions, sequencing steps, identifying colors/shapes, recognizing body parts, and social communication.  

And the bonus?  

By purchasing these card kits, you are also making a donation to our C.I.T.Y. of Support, as 100% of the proceeds go directly back to our organization.  

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If you are located near Palatine, there are also some D.I.Y. Card Kits available for sale at the We Rock The Spectrum Gym while supplies last.

Option A


A Piece of My Heart

Option B


Send All My Lovin' To You

Option C


Showing You with Love

Option D


My Heart is Bursting

D.I.Y. in the C.I.T.Y. Card Kits