C.I.T.Y. of Support V.I.P. Graduates

Congratulations to our V.I.P. Graduates

The following professionals have successfully completed C.I.T.Y. of Support's V.I.P. Program, demonstrating their commitment to ongoing learning and their respect for "Valuing the Insight of Parents:"

Amanda Barber, Occupational Therapist
Anita Barraza, Occupational Therapist
Taylor, Bartee, Physical Therapist, Assistant
Danielle Basalay, Developmental Therapist
Marquita Beathea, Speech Assistant
Elizabeth Benney, Developmental Therapist
Jennifer Boba, Physical Therapist
Lisa Berns, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Moira Bushell, Occupational Therapist
Kelly Carlsson, Service Coordinator
Tamar Campbell, Developmental Therapist
Trinity Clardy, Service Coordinator
Amy Cocorikis, Developmental Pediatric Consultant
Jamie Cole, Speech-Language Pathologist
Tina Copeland, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Melissa Cosgrove, Speech-Language Pathologist
Gena Crane, Developmental Therapist
Jennifer Crick, Developmental Therapist
Chris Criel, Developmental Therapist
Megan Daly, Developmental Therapist
Kaitlyn Davis, Occupational Therapist
Theresa Davis, Service Coordinator
Beth Deiter, Speech-Language Pathologist
Keli Dhom, Physical Therapist
Alex Duchek, Speech-Language Pathologist
Kristi Duelm, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
Diana Elshref, Service Coordinator
Aneta Espinosa, Occupational Therapist
H Eve, Faes, Occupational Therapist
Rachel Fish, Developmental Therapist
Debra Foley, Speech-Language Pathologist
Pam Friedel, Speech-Language Pathologist
Vicki Gaddis, Occupational Therapist
Tina Garmon, Speech-Language Pathologist
Nicole Gershun, Speech-Language Pathologist
Lucy Gimble, EITP Events Coordinator
Silvia Gomez, Physical Therapist, Assistant
Mary Gomulka, Developmental Therapist
Loren Goodman, Music Therapist
Julie Gowan, Physical Therapist
Lisa Grulke, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Roberta Hansen, Parent LIaison/LIC Coordinator
Meghan Harazin, Developmental Therapist
Ashley Hayes, Physical Therapist
Kacy Hertz, Physical Therapist
Carrie Hinkle, Service Coordinator
Betsy Hjelmgren, Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Elizabeth Hong, Speech-Language Pathologist
Keri Jaworski, Developmental Therapist
Kimberly Jones, Developmental Therapist
Lori Kalas, Service Coordinator
Julie Kander, Speech-Language Pathologist
Fiona Kark, Director of Resource Navigation Guide
Rachelle Karnchanaphati, Developmental Therapist
Rhoda Kaw, Service Coordinator
Alison Keane, Developmental Therapist
Michele Keith, Developmental Therapist
Cynthia Klingler, Developmental Therapist
Amy Knackstedt, Director of Family Center
Kathleen Kuehl, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
Mary Jo Lamb, Developmental Therapist
Christine Langs, Developmental Therapist
Kathy Latta, Developmental Therapist
Kimberly Lechner, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Brenda Lee, Service Coordinator
LaTasha Lee, IECMHC Program  Manager
Margaret Lemieux, Developmental Therapist
Meg Liebreich, Physical Therapist
Susan Lorenz, Developmental Therapist
Dee Dee Lowery, CFC Program Manager
Rosanne Manos, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
David Mayer, Service Coordinator
E Danielle Maglinte, Speech-Language Pathologist
Shelley Manning, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jennie Marble, Speech-Language Pathologist
Michelle Maris, Developmental Therapist
Lisette Marquez, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
Katelyn Mathis, Occupational Therapist
Nicole McGushin, Speech-Language Pathologist
Crystal Meade, Early Childhood Educator
Vanessa Mendiola, Developmental Therapist
Lyndsey Menning, Physical Therapist
Rebecca Mental, Director of Speech Language and Learning Services
Yesenia Merlan, Developmental Therapist
Nicole Michehl, Registered Dietician
Rosario Cristina Micaletti, Occupational Therapist
Joanne Miller, Occupational Therapist
Mary Miller, Developmental Therapist
Agnieszka Moroni, Occupational Therapist
Kim Muschong, Physical Therapist
Karen Nagorski, Speech-Language Pathologist
Teresa O'Connor, Developmental Therapist
Mariela Ortiz, Service Coordinator
Ashley Oswald, Physical Therapist
Kathryn Orzechowski, Speech-Language Pathologist
Deidra Parks, Speech-Language Pathologist
Leah Passalacqua, Physical Therapist
Berenice Perez, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
Makenzie Pettit, Speech-Language Pathologist
Elizabeth Pondel-Petropoulos, Physical Therapist
Michelle Quill, Developmental Therapist
Megan Rabbitte, Developmental Therapist
Jillian Rancatore, Occupational Therapist
Lauren Raymond, Parent Educator
Maria I. Reyes, Occupational Therapist
Lynne Riley, Parent Liaison/LIC Coordinator
Melissa Roddy, Service Coordinator
Tara Salomon, Speech-Language Pathologist
Evana Sandusky, Speech-Language Pathologist
Pawn Scarpelli, Child Development Specialist
Jane Schmit, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Faith Schwartz, Service Coordinator
Jennifer Serwas, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
Stephanie Shadle, Developmental Therapist
Haviva Siegel, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Anne Simpson, Speech-Language Pathologist
Therese Snow, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
Jill Stark, Developmental Therapist
Sarah Stevens, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sarah Steverson, Occupational Therapist
Lindsay Stonecipher, Occupational Therapist
Victoria Strickland, Developmental Therapist
April Strode, Social Emotional Support Coordinator
Meg Swanson, Service Coordinator
Lauren Szwajkowski, Developmental Therapist
Cassy Tusler, Service Coordinator
Barbara Utz, Developmental Therapist
Amy VanWay, Speech-Language Pathologist
Janelle Wathen, Occupational Therapist
James Weedon, Developmental Pediatrician
Barb Welmers, Developmental Therapist
Jessica Welmers, Developmental Therapy Student
Karen Wenberg, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Elizabeth Winiger, Service Coordinator
Joscelyn Wood, Developmental Therapist
Julia Wood, Speech-Language Pathologist, Assistant
Mary Wyler, Physical Therapist
Laura Zawacki, Physical Therapist
Donna Zine, Occupational Therapist
Isis Zollicoffer, Service Coordinator
Nancy Zubek, Physical Therapist

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