Favorite Apps & On-the-Go Resources October 2021

With apps available on almost all phones/mobile devices, we wanted to collect personal recommendations from our community about ones that have been particularly helpful. We asked about favorite apps that encourage communication, behavior management, transitions, social situations, or other goals.

Thank you to the members of C.I.T.Y. of Support who provided links to these tools, websites, blogs, videos, etc. to help us all become more familiar with the different resources that are available. By compiling all of this information in one Collaborative Blog Post, we hope to make it easier for everyone to access.

**Please note, C.I.T.Y. of Support does not endorse any of these specific resources or recommendations. Rather, we provide them to our members as helpful tools submitted by parents and professionals in our community.**

Enabling Devices: Lists of Apps

"Enabling Devices is a company that sells products for the disability community and have often have great blog posts on relevant topics. They have lists of suggested apps:"

"Educational Apps for Students with Special Needs"

"Apps for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum"

"Switch Accessible Apps"

"Fun Apps for the Summer"

"Back to School Apps"

--Maria, Community Member



"A treasure trove of books, games, and coloring pages for your device. Read and play alone, call a relative for them to read and play with you, or listen to pre-recorded read aloud books all from one site."

--Integrated Pediatric Therapies


PBS Kids

"Many programs that are educational to teach language, concepts, and social interactions. Fun to listen to with the whole family."

--Integrated Pediatric Therapies