C.I.T.Y. of Professionals: Applied behavior analysis (ABA)

C.A.B.S.-Autism and ABA Services


Improving your family’s quality of life!  C.A.B.S. provides individualized consultation and therapy services to children and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders located in Northwest Illinois and Savannah and Rome Georgia.  Services are provided in the home, school, community, and clinic settings.  Using the guiding principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our team works closely with you and your child to determine a treatment approach that will best meet your child and family's needs.   


Roots Autism Solutions & Therapeutic Academy


Helping children with autism and their families create balanced, peaceful lives! Roots Autism Solutions and Therapeutic Academy provides comprehensive supports and services within our therapeutic academy, center-based, and in-home ABA therapy, speech and occupational therapy. Our team of outstanding therapy providers work together with your family, and individuals within your child's life, to build the foundations for success.  


Total Spectrum


Total Spectrum provides in home and center based ABA therapy throughout the Midwest for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We offer programs developed to help children learn to communicate, develop friendships, and lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.   

Learn more about our services at www.totalspectrum.com or give us a call at 844.263.1613.