C.I.T.Y. Celebrations

Graduation Celebration 2022

What parents say:
"It's unique to gather so many supportive people in one place. Slowing down, taking time to appreciate the big and little accomplishments of our children with the support of kind people who have resources to further help is a beautiful and unique opportunity!"

"The Graduation Celebration is a day my child is recognized for achievements. Celebrating, as a community, his hard work empowers him. He works daily on mastering skills which come naturally to neurotypical children. I appreciate CITY of Support for hosting the Graduation Celebration because this day celebrates my child for all his efforts."

Birthday Buddies

Celebrating and attending birthday parties isn't always easy for kids in therapy: C.I.T.Y. of Support gets it, and we want to help with our new Birthday Buddies Program!

Registering your child(ren) in our birthday database is completely FREE using this link! The purpose is for him/her to receive a celebration card from a peer who is also receiving therapy on his/her birthday! Not only will this program will put a smile on the birthday child's face, but, the card-maker and his/her therapist will use these D.I.Y. card kits to encourage a whole host of therapeutic goals (i.e. fine-motor development, sequencing skills, social skills).

Plus, we love that our Birthday Buddies program will help to foster early social connections among the KIDS in our C.I.T.Y!
We hope you'll participate!

We Love Our C.I.T.Y. 2021

A diagnosis is NOT needed to belong to this welcoming and dynamic community.  "We Love our C.I.T.Y." month in February was created as an opportunity to celebrate ALL children in therapy and the families who support them.  Over the years, in-person and online celebrations have included parent nights out, interactive family-fun classes, resource fairs, and button-wearing to demonstrate our solidarity and support for our inclusive community.

Help Us Fulfill Our Mission

Your one-time or monthly contribution will go directly back to funding the innovative programs, events, and initiatives of our nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, C.I.T.Y. of Support.

Thank you for being a part of this unique community!