We depend on collaboration from our community. Just look what we've accomplished in our first year!


Feeling Inspired? Here's how YOUR BUSINESS can help!

Since we have now created a full year's worth of meaningful, relevant, and successful programs for parents and professionals, we encourage you to think ahead to the coming year.  Look through the different sponsorship options, and find the combination of collaborative opportunities that are the best fit for you.  Are your goals to...

  • Increase your exposure within our C.I.T.Y. community?
  • Interact directly with parents and professionals within our organization?
  • Associate your brand with C.I.T.Y. of Support?
  • Find meaningful ways to donate your resources that foster an accessible and supportive community, in line with C.I.T.Y.'s mission? 

Please send us an email at: hello@cityofsupport.org to confirm your sponsorship.  We will be happy to follow-up with an emailed or printed invoice.  Any contribution is very much appreciated. 


Here's how YOU AND YOUR FAMILY can help!

Every donation is sincerely appreciated and will make an impact towards the future of C.I.T.Y. of Support.  This year, we are encouraging our community to consider a MONTHLY PLEDGE.  This will help us budget for the year ahead and provide us with consistent revenue to support our goals.