Accommodating Learning at Home: February 2021

Things are looking up! A COVID-19 vaccine has been created and is beginning to be distributed across the country. Hopefully next fall, the world will be safer, and schools/clinics will be able to function in a more typical in-person environment. However, we need to think practically about the rest of the 2021 school year, knowing that for many, remote learning/teletherapy is still a reality. We asked for tips and strategies, and our community answered.

Thank you to the members of C.I.T.Y. of Support who provided links to these tools, websites, resources, blogs, videos, etc. to help us all make accommodations for our children (and us!) as we navigate this new way of learning. By compiling all of this information in one Collaborative Blog Post, we hope to make it easier for everyone to access.

**Please note, C.I.T.Y. of Support does not endorse any of these specific resources or recommendations. Rather, we provide them to our members as helpful tools submitted by parents and professionals in our community.**

Accommodating Learning at Home - Featured Image

Thriving During a Pandemic

This is a blog post regarding how parents/guardians can increase their self-care AND support their remote learners at home. Includes 6 Mindset Shifts and Stress-Reduction Techniques You Can Start Today

Kimberly Melton Lechner, Ph.D., LCPC, NCC, Therapist AND Parent

Accommodating Learning at Home - IEP Accommodations for Remote Learning

IEP Accommodations for Remote Learning

My phone and email have been FILLED with anxious parent’s confused on how remote learning will look for their special education child. You all know, I’m not standing by letting you all feel confused and overwhelmed walking into this school year! I want to teach you about specific things you can do to CHANGE the vibe of this year for your child at school, regardless of environment.

Nicole Schlechter, The IEP Mom, Advocate

Accommodating Learning at Home - Original 3 inch Visual Timer

Time Timer for Child Who is Bored/Inattentive

We use a Time Timer for our 6 year old and reset it every 15 minutes to help with improving her attention and engagement. If she successfully listens and works for that 15 minutes, she earns a smiley face on her daily school chart and can request a break if she needs it. It’s been highly motivating!

Katie, Parent & Speech-Language Pathologist

Accommodating Learning at Home - Remote Learning and Teletherapy

Remote Learning and Teletherapy

Are you wondering how to make remote learning and teletherapy more successful? There are several suggestions here to help with both of of these remote sessions.

Anne Lidgus Inwood, Parent and Therapist

Accommodating Learning at Home - Setting Up for E-Learning Success

Setting Up for E-Learning Success

This was a blog I wrote from last summer with my suggestions for creating a little more structure and a little less chaos around e-learning!

Erin Vollmer, CCC-SLP, Co-Founder, TherapyWorks, Therapist

Accommodating Learning at Home - Executive Function During E-Learning

Executive Function and Success during E-Learning

Alyssa Stone of Dynamic Lynks presented this resource with friend and colleague Katherine Wilkie of Imagination Therapy at a PTO meeting in their community. The goal of this resource is to provide at-home tips to support school-aged children through e-learning.

Alyssa Stone, MT-BC, NMT, Therapist